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Take a Look

time to walk for myself

22 January 1987
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  • starswing@livejournal.com
  • offered wing

  • 24-year-old writer, daydreamer, and general dork.
  • Keeper of The Pug.
  • Namer of inanimate objects.
  • Wielder of the menorah.
  • Lives a very very epic life.
  • 1/2 of the dork twins.
  • Always good for a talk or just to listen!
  • For the record, was born BEFORE the car.
  • Muselist found here
  • approximately soon, baby baby baby baby, black cats, broadway musicals, children's card games, crossover otps forever, cute fluffy animal sidekicks, damn you detective conan, disney movies, dorkery, epicosity, froratio, greek mythology, hilawful, holy astringent pomite fruit, island, judith is terrifying, kev is so sweet, kevdrape, making jen keysmash, metin/blanket is denied, metin/seve otp, o niiight diviiiine, oy vey, pugs conquering the world, replicaaaaaa, route, scream objection to profit, so say good morning, song parodies, stop rolling me, the cat, yusuke ate their baby, zombie on your lawn